Friday, September 10, 2010

But that is exactly what they want to do!

Two items from a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll is a perfect example of something that drives me crazy. One part of the poll questioned people on how they would feel about a candidate based on several policy positions. The two policy positions that brought the highest "uncomfortable" ratings are exactly the same kinds of things that Republicans plan to do.

The issue that by far made people "very uncomfortable" (49%) was the Paul Ryan concept of "phasing out Social Security" and instead allowing workers to "invest their Social Security contributions in the stock market."

The issue that came in second (39%)on the "uncomfortable" meter was that a candidate would support the economic policies of former president George W. Bush.

The task for Democrats between now and November is to make sure that the public knows that the top two things that make them most "uncomfortable" about a candidate is exactly what most Republican candidates want to do.

ht: Think Progress

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