Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New Visit from Prez Brings New Flip-Flop from Walker?

Anyone that has been paying attention to Scott Walker for any length of time knows that he will say and do anything to feed his personal political ambitions. So it should be no surprise that Walker is in a continual state of flip-floppiness. Just a few examples: against the stimulus but still relies on it to close the gaping holes in his budget, pretends to be concerned about the AZ immigration law but changes course 24 hours later, has been both for and against concealed-carry, was against building a new mental health facility but after his mismanagement of BHD was repeatedly exposed he now has agreed to a new facility. The list goes on and on and on. Now a new visit from President Obama seems to have brought with it another case of Walker flip-flops.

Just a few weeks ago when the President was in town, Scott Walker ran an ad and held an event calling for the shifting of money designated for high speed rail to roads instead (even though he knows that this is not possible). On Monday the President came back to town to announce a $50 billion additional investment in our country's infrastructure. This includes additional funding for roads. In fact the initial spending would involve improving 150,000 miles of roads.

In typical knee-jerk fashion, Walker attacked the president for his new proposed investment in our nation's infrastructure. So let me see if I am understanding this correctly...

During the President's August visit Walker said, "I'd rather take that (federal) money and fix Wisconsin's crumbling roads and bridges."

But during the President's visit on Monday (only weeks later)Walker attacked the President because he wants to invest in the fixing of Wisconsin's roads and bridges?

What gives? Am I missing something in translation or did the new visit from President Obama cause a new flip-flop from Scott Walker? So does he want a federal investment in our local roads and bridges or doesn't he?

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Damn good point. Love it.