Friday, December 10, 2010

Business that Walker is Willing to Sacrifice

Apparently when Scott Walker said that Wisconsin was "open for business" he only meant for certain kinds of businesses. As I have mentioned previously, there appears to be a new "haves and have-nots" approach to business in Wisconsin. Scott Walker not only refused a $810 million return on Wisconsin taxpayer's federal investment but he also took opportunity and income from a long list of businesses and their employees. Below is a list of businesses that could likley lose out because of Walker's irrational ideology.

There are those that have been reported more broadly in the media:

Talgo its employees and all of its local suppliers.
Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc
Major Developers like Grunau

Then there is this partial list as was reported on Wisconsin's recovery website:

Aerocon Photogrammetric Services, Inc
Aero-Metric, Inc
Aon Risk Services Inc of WI
Ayres Associates Inc
Continental Mapping Consultant
Daar Engineering Inc
Insight Public Sector
Natural Resources Consulting
Patrick Engineering, Inc
Teng & Associates Inc
Transmart Technologies Inc
Woolpert Inc

Then finally there are those that are not listed on the recovery site but were notified in the November 4th "stop work" email from the state DOT:

Kapur & Associates
Gabes Construction
WE Energies
Wisconsin & Southern Railroad
Canadian Pacific Railway
Michels Corporation
WPPI Energy
DAAR Engineering, Inc

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