Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prosser Flies His Partisan Flag Early

David Prosser's campaign didn't waste any time flying their partisan flag. On Wednesday the campaign said in a press release that Prosser would act as a "complement to both the new (Republican) administration and Legislature." Since when is it the goal of a sitting justice to be an activist for the other two branches of government? However this isn't only a separation of powers issue but it also seems to be a partisan one. After all, where was Prosser's "compliment" to the other two branches before Republicans took them over? Maybe the results of the November election caused Prosser to accidentially default back into his past role as a Republican politician.

Maybe some assume that this was just a badly worded press release but those words were certainly backed up quickly with his immediate actions. On Wednesday he sent out the partisan press release and on Thursday he promptly met with the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women. I wonder if Prosser took the opportunity to further explain his comments to the already partisan crowd? I sure hope that there was a reporter at the event, or at least one that will ask for a copy or for a recording of his speech. I think that we deserve to know exactly how partisan our justices plan to be on the bench.

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