Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Your Face Neumann: The Gingrich Edition

I have been trying to track the several ways that Scott Walker has been delivering an "in your face" to his Republican primary opponent for governor, former Congressman Mark Neumann. First it was Walker making his official announcement in what could be seen as Neumann's own backyard. Then he hired a guy that ran Neumann's failed run for U.S. Senate in 1998. In another "in your face" moment, Walker trounced Neumann in a Wispolitics straw poll of Republican party members. I also highlighted how Walker's supporters are being quite nasty towards the idea of Neumann running against their guy. Yesterday yet another "in your face" moment came but this time Walker had a nationally known figure to help deliver it.

GOP has-been Newt Gingrich came to Milwaukee to attend a fund raiser for Scott Walker. Although Gingrich claimed that his appearance was not an official endorsement of Walker, The Hill newspaper described the event as being a clear snub to former Congressman Mark Neumann. Neumann served in Congress during Gingrich's infamous time as Speaker of the House (before being forced to resign in shame). It seems pretty clear that this was just the latest in what is becoming a long line of "in your face" moves by Walker. I have to wonder how many more are planned before Neumann even gets out of the box and how nasty will they get after he formally jumps into the contest?

UPDATE: Now read Heartland Hollar's interesting take on the Gingrich visit and why some people are clearly not being honest with the people of Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very partisan. I can only hope it does not get nasty. But change is inevitable. JD has got to go, his own party didnt want him anywhere near Washington DC. The way things are is not the way the need to be. If that hasnt sunk in yet. Wake up. Wisconsin has not bottomed out yet.

mal said...

It would be foolish of Walker's people to underestimate the electoral agility of Mark Neumann.

He holds extremist, bigoted views but this has never been a disqualification for winning GOP nominations.

Nuemann is smart, wealthy and may not be so forgiving to the nasty reception from Walker's people in the primary.