Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sensenbrenner’s Misleading Words from China

Not content with misleading people in this country, Wisconsin Congressman F. Jim Sensenbrenner took his show to China last month. He was part of a climate change-based congressional delegation. Just before he left China he had a press conference where he essentially said that China was not serious about climate related reforms. The suggestion from his comments seemed clear, that the U.S. should basically continue to do nothing as a result. That is the same tired argument for inaction that we have always heard from the right wing. Allegedly Sensenbrenner based his negative outlook on remarks made by Chinese economist Professor Pan Jiahua. After an exclusive interview with Pan, the Center for American Progress reported today that the professor has said that Sensenbrenner misused his words in an "improper and unethical" manner. He went on to completely contradict Sensenbrenner saying that "China is in fact ready and willing to engage with its international partners to help shape a new multilateral climate policy." Although this new report might correct Sensenbrenner's misleading words, it is hardly going to be enough to stop his practice of advocating inaction on climate change.

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Anonymous said...

It's clear from Sensenbrenner's recent comments on the Climate Bill and China that he thinks China should be leading the world in the 21st century. It's just another example of how Sensenbrenner has lost faith in American ingenuity. He seems to imply that Americans will rollover and pay higher taxes and prices rather than innovate and invent our way to a better future.