Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Media Should Investigate Walker Campaign Operative

Once again our friends at Heartland Hollar bring up a few good points surrounding the Scott Walker campaign. Heartland Hollar notes that perpetual Republican loser R.J. Johnson has signed on to the Walker campaign. He appeared at Walker's official announcement event on April 28 and was officially named to the Walker campaign a couple of days later. The problem isn't that he was hired by Walker, heck he has made plenty of money working for many different campaigns (including that of Mark Neumann in 1998). The issue that Heartland Hollar has identified is that since being brought into the Walker campaign, R.J. has also acted as a spokesman for two so-called "independent" groups; the Coalition for America's Families and the Club for Growth-Wisconsin. Both organizations are little more than GOP front groups and they both are currently attacking Governor Doyle in ads. An activity that certainly helps the Scott Walker campaign.

So exactly how do these nonprofit groups explain that they aren't partisan when their spokesperson is a current operative for a political campaign that benefits from their attacks on the Governor? Likewise, is the Walker campaign really content to play so fast and loose with the rules governing this kind of activity? Isn't there supposed to be more of a separation between nonprofits and political campaigns? Someone from the media should be getting to the bottom of this apparent conflict and ask the tough questions of R.J. Johnson, the involved right wing organizations and the Scott Walker campaign.


Anonymous said...

Two words for you, La Raza.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how RJ will justify the illegal coordination he'll be participating in when Club for Growth inevitably runs its first pro-Walker "issue ad". People have gone to jail for that sort of thing in other states.

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding. One Wisconsin Now, Greater Wisconsin, etc. are all essentially the same group. You pay for Dems polling. You run ads. This is the biggest hypocritical post in the history of man.

Cory Liebmann said...

A. Newsflash: I am not OWN, but I will try to correct your errors anyway. If you want an official answer maybe you should ask at

B. I don't know of anyone at OWN or any other progressive nonprofit that is also directly working for a political campaign, so your comparison just doesn't hold any water.

C. They can't and don't "pay for polling" for any political campaigns so unless you have proof of that, your accusations are baseless blather.

D. Can you please take a pill for that "slight" exaggeration problem?

Anonymous said...

Next you'll be trying to claim the recall Doyle people are "Republican fronts". But I will jump the gun here, and let you know, the Republican Party hates us! I think they hate us more than Dems, because they frankly don't want to listen to the grassroots. All they're concerned about is their own "power".

We are sick of Doyle, who is a documented liar. (Go to, for specific quotes from him.) He's run our state into the highest per capita deficit in the whole USA, $1180+ compared to CA's $584.

We don't represent any one party; we are THE BAD, RAD, DAD, AND THE JUST PLAIN MAD. That is, Businessmen Against Doyle, Republicans Against Doyle, Democrats Against Doyle, (oh, yes!) and the just plain Mad Against Doyle.

The main thing to take away from this, is no society ever yet TAXED its way to prosperity. We can see how well that's working in WI!