Thursday, June 11, 2009

MacIver Budget Blogging or RPW Target List?

Pardon me for a moment as I think out loud and speculate. Does everyone remember the latest right wing (GOP front) group the MacIver Institute? Remember? They are the folks that got off to such an odd start, even lying about the real role that Scott Jensen played in the starting of their organization. Well, they have finally begun to hire people to replace their initially invisible staff and they have been budget blogging something fierce this week.

In only two days MacIver has tried to put negative focus on three specific state legislators and naturally they are all Democrats. It makes me wonder if this should really be viewed as budget blogging by MacIver or if we should really look at it more as their target list? And by "their" I mean the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) because they are clearly promoting the MacIver stuff for a reason.

I will be very interested to see which Democrats in the legislature that MacIver attacks next. I would guess that most will likely be in swing districts and will probably be up for reelection next year. It will be interesting to watch MacIver and the RPW in the coming weeks to see just who they attack and just how they interact with each other in the process. If my speculation is right, then we can look at MacIver blogging as less about actual issues and more as a Republican Party of Wisconsin target list.


Aaron Rodriguez said...

I noticed you said nothing about the statistical facts they presented.

James Wigderson said...

gee, Cory, do you think it might have something to do with the fact that both legislative chambers are controlled by Democrats and they are in charge of the budget process?

Which Democrat is feeding you the talking points?

Anonymous said...

And your post on OWN and their role as the Democratic Party attack dog?

Anonymous said...

So you standard is when politicians call for transparency and then do not practice it that their double standards should be ignored, got it.

Cory Liebmann said...

wow you folks are ready to read so much into such a short blog posting! i said right at the outset that i'm simply speculating that mac's choice of attacks might also be a reflection of the RPW targets for next year. that is it.

anon 1: it seems clear to me that some right wing orgs, the walker campaign and the rpw are much more comfortable dancing right up to some important lines that no one at own ever did while i was there.

Aaron Rodriguez said...


As I see it, the problem you have is with MacIver, not their analysis, which appears to be proper and accurate.

This is logically fallacious. If a doctor tells you that you should stop smoking because it contributes to lung and heart disease, does it matter what the doctor's name is when the information is factually correct?

And if you dispute the facts, then let us know which ones you dispute. Otherwise, your blog post is not only a waste of internet space, but seems like whining as well.