Thursday, June 18, 2009

Urgent!!! Email from Michael Steele!

Today walking train wreck and RNC Chairman Michael Steele sent me an urgent message of the greatest importance. It was a fundraising email that repeatedly told me that it was so very "urgent" and he even added a healthy supply of exclamation points to drive that point home. What was the "urgent" issue? Apparently the Republicans are all bent out of shape because ABC News is going to air a special on the number one issue in our country: health care reform. What really has them worked up is that as part of the coverage they will be airing a town hall on the subject that will be taking place at the White House. Oh the humanity!!!!!!! For that reason Michael Steele sends me an "urgent" appeal for cash? Sorry Mike, I gave at the office.

Apparently Fake News got the same email and decided to donate via in kind contribution. They have since been railing against competitor ABC News for their "unprecedented" coverage of the White House. If I had a dime for every time that their hosts and guests said that this was "unprecedented" I might have enough money to afford health care coverage. What the folks at Fake News didn't count on apparently is someone checking the way back machine for their "unprecedented" coverage of the disaster that was the George W. Bush White House. Thankfully Daily Kos put together this handy dandy little video mashup for us:

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Nicely done, sir!