Friday, July 03, 2009

Professor McBride Lectures Jim Klauser

Great news for the Scott Walker campaign! Recently popular UWM journalism instructor, Jessica McBride, has offered her endorsement of him. She did so in her most recent column in the Waukesha Freeman. She also takes the opportunity to lecture Republican big-wig and former Tommy! official Jim Klauser. It has been no secret that Klauser has been courting any Republican but Scott Walker to run for governor next year. He has clearly settled on former congressman Mark Neumann, who made it official a few days ago. Well, Mark Neumann and Jim Klauser should know that the professor does not agree.

In her Freeman column she makes the following pointed observations:

The Republican Party needs to unite around one candidate early and the powers-that-be or want-to-be (are you listening, Jim Klauser?), need to keep Neumann from entering the ring in the first place. (One could argue that the party already has rallied around Walker, but let's end the Neumann speculation now). For the life of me, I can't understand why Klauser and other holdovers from the Tommy Thompson regime are not rallying around Walker but are, to the contrary, attempting to recruit opponents against him.
I respect Neumann, but I think he's vulnerable to caricature by some of his extreme comments on social matters. I also think that the general public has largely forgotten his name.

For the rest of the column McBride offers a glowing (and delusional) review of the Walking failure from Wauwatosa.

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