Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Walker Anti-Stimulus Tour

Who can forget the beginning of the year, when Scott Walker first refused federal stimulus money for Milwaukee County? He was rightfully panned from all sides, even from some of his most adoring fans in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and in the Milwaukee business community. Eventually he created confusing and ever evolving criteria so that he could give any answer that a potential voter would want to hear on the subject. But despite his deception and various positions, everyone knows that he was and still is against the stimulus. Quite simply it appeases the extreme right wing that makes up his base of support for the Republican primary for governor. Walker hates the federal stimulus, every knows it, and he should have to own his position. All over the entire state.

Our friends at Heartland Hollar were definitely on to something regarding a recent Walker stop in Slinger. In that posting they questioned if Scott Walker was going to tell the folks at the Slinger Nationals that their town should give back their part of the stimulus money. Since Walker is so clearly anti-stimulus, I wholeheartedly agree. He should have to make this case as he tours all of the towns and cities that are benefiting from these funds. As the local media reports on his various campaign stops, they should also report Walker's explanation for why their communities should give back the federal stimulus dollars.

Here is a list of past Walker Campaign stops. With each location, I have listed the stimulus money received by that municipality and/or area:

His "Special Announcement": Green Bay area ($23,526,898), Marathon County ($20,248,626) , Eau Claire area ($10,471,988), Dane County ($25,516,683), Wauwatosa ($5,216,887) ,Delavan area ($2,162,818)

The Republican Party Convention: La Crosse ($4,606,536)

County "Dairy Breakfast" Events: Jefferson ($1,809,899), Fond du Lac ($2,459,867), Dodge ($1,561,519)

Fourth of July Parades: Menomonee Falls ($3,459,932), Grafton ($1,480,404)

Fish Day Parade: Port Washington area ($2,299,026)

Those are just the events listed on his campaign site's calendar. This list does not even begin to include the scores of other campaign related events that he mentions on his Twitter page and elsewhere. Again, he should be telling all of these communities about why they should give back their stimulus money and why they don't really need it for their local projects.

This weekend Scott Walker has the following upcoming campaign events listed:

Brat Days: Sheboygan area ($12,016,794)

County Fair: Racine County ($18,004,685), Rock County ($27,129,178)

This weekend the local media should force Scott Walker to fully explain himself. He should be forced to tell them exactly why their communities should send back their share of the federal stimulus money. Such a blatant act of journalism could actually start an interesting trend. A trend that could start what I would like to call the "Walker Anti-Stimulus Tour".


Anonymous said...

If you would bother to honestly write about it, he was consistent in saying that he was against funds that had strings attached (like requiring matching funds or taking money for one time fixes that would require continued funds from a municipality) But don’t let facts get in your way.

I'm surprised you have the guts to continue your support of this "stimulus" plan. Walker was right to blindly oppose receiving stimulus funds. As this goes on, more and more people will see what a boondoggle this “stimulus” plan was and how right Walker was.

Cory Liebmann said...

I understand that this is the latest version of his talking point. His original comments were not nearly so qualified and that is why nearly everyone panned him at the time.

On one hand you say that he didn't totally reject stimulus but then on the other hand you say that Walker will be proven right because stimulus is a "boondoggle". You can't have it both ways.

The simple point is that if Walker really thinks that the stimulus is a "boondoggle" then he should say it in all of the communities that are creating jobs and working on important projects because of it.

Publius said...

So, Milwaukee is getting $50 million in stimulus for new cops for three years with the stipulation that they be retained in the fourth year. That's $16 million a year.

Assuming that in year four that there are not 50 retirements/firings/general attrition, where is the money going to come from?

I'm sure the furloughed and/or laid off employees in Milwaukee would like to know where the extra $16 million will come from in that fourth year. And the fifth? Sixth?

Do tell us, what social programs are you going to cut to simultaneous continue to fund the stimulus projects when the money is gone and control taxes in those communities? After all, even Jim Doyle has always proposed revenue limits (as has the new Democrat majority in the Legislature).

Cory Liebmann said...

A. this posting is not really about the merits of the stimulus. it is about making Walker state his position honestly to all of the communities that are getting stimulus funds. if he thinks it is a "boondoggle" then he should say so.

B. you should not use the COPS funding as a model for all other stimulus funding. all of the funding does not do the same exact thing and likewise all of it doesn't have the same exact requirements.

C. not all funding in the stimulus has to be renewed (what, are you planning on replacing that old bridge every year?)

D. If we are not in a better position in three years, COPS funding is the last thing that we will have to be worried about.