Monday, July 13, 2009

Will Scott Walker Refuse This Funding Too?

When Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker first said that he would refuse any federal stimulus money for the county that he is supposed to be managing, I joined throngs of others criticizing him. In that initial blog I mentioned that if this statement was not politically motivated, then why has he sought federal funding for other pet projects? Why does the county still employ the services of a lobbyist in D.C.? The questions were clearly rhetorical because we all know that his declaration was about appealing to the far right base that he is courting for the GOP primary for governor. Even though we know that, it was right to point out the fact then and it is right to continue to do so now.

The crack team at Heartland Hollar pounced on Walker last week asking whether he would now refuse new federal money to fight both the seasonal and H1N1 flu. We already know that Walker was not very excited to address the public health emergency when it first surfaced, so does his inaction and his position on federal money mean that he will give our share to Waukesha County? Given Scott Walker's various positions, it is a question that should be both asked and answered.

Now we hear that Milwaukee County, along with other area municipalities, are in line for federal funding to combat homelessness. The obvious question writes itself: Will Scott Walker reject this federal money also? If he does refuse the $700,000-plus, how does he plan on replacing it or won't he do anything at all?


Anonymous said...

Are liberals really too dense to understand Walker's position on federal funding? I know you guys are educated, so it leads me to ask why you are all playing these partisan games?

Walker left a three pronged criteria for accepting federal funds in his editorial.

• No local match is required by the federal government;

• No long-term commitments mandated by the federal government;

• No future operating or maintenance expenses.

Apply the criteria yourself and quit asking such dumb questions.

Dave Reid said...

@Anon Then why is Walker looking to spend Milwaukee County's portion of the $91.5 Million ISTEA funds(about $36 mil) on BRT? It requires a local match, is a long term commitment, and will have future operating expenses?

Anonymous said...


Why is it that liberals can never get their facts straight, especially when discussing conservative politicians?

Are you guys just careless with the details, or do you deliberately distort facts hoping that people don't catch it?

Walker refused the ISTEA. As you know, Mayor Barrett bypassed Walker and went directly to Congress to get the funding. After the funding was already assigned, how is Walker supposed to return it when Milwaukee is already footing?

The problem Walker had with the funding is indicated in his acceptance criteria. It's clear he didn't want anymore bills. Well, thanks to Barrett, he got the bills, so it wouldn't make much sense not to use the funding.

Walker didn't break his criteria, Barrett.

's three pronged criteria for accepting federal funding was meant

Dave Reid said...

@Anon You don't have your facts right. At this point the city has a pot of money, and the county has a pot of money now. The two are separate.

Walker doesn't have to spend the ISTEA money he still has the choice to do nothing (hell knowing him he might still). But Milwaukee County, under his direction, is actively planning the BRT routes. Further, long before the money was split the county was proposing new BRT lines (SMART).

To get the money he has to find a local match. It certainly has long term commitments. And it will have ongoing operating and maintenance expenses.

PS Anon check out it's pretty helpful :)

Anonymous said...
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