Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Robin Vos Tinfoil Hat Business

A new business group has been formed by a diverse set of Wisconsin business leaders. It is called the Wisconsin Business Council, and according to the initial reports, it will broaden advocacy for business and lessen the poisonous politics of groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC). WMC had become little more than the sugar daddy arm of the Republican Party and its increasingly narrow and negative advocacy has became a major part of what is wrong in our state. If this new group is set to take a more productive track, then I think that this could be very welcome news. We shall see.

But not everyone is happy about the forming of the Wisconsin Business Council (WBC). One such person is the clueless (but ever talkative) State Representative Robin Vos (R-Caledonia). Perhaps he feels threatened because he and his party may not get the unquestioned support that they have enjoyed from WMC. Reacting to the new group, Vos made the absurd claim that it was simply a "front group" for Governor Doyle. He says this based only on the fact that one person on the organization's board used to work for the Governor. Perhaps Vos should have checked the list of other names involved before he shot off his mouth so quickly.

For example, are we really supposed to believe that former Thompson aide Jim Klauser is part of a "front group" for Governor Doyle? He is already the lead cheerleader for Mark Neumann. Joining Klauser on the advisory board is Republican money bags Fred Luber who has repeatedly been a fundraiser for Scott Walker's endless campaigns for governor. If you believe Vos, then Luber is apparently a double agent. The WBC board also includes former Thompson aide Phillip Prange and former Scott Walker Chief of Staff Jim Villa. Oh the betrayal! This grand conspiracy (that only Robin has detected) is getting more complicated by the moment!

Doesn't Robin own a popcorn business? Maybe he missed his true calling. Given this knee jerk reaction, maybe he would be better at manufacturing tinfoil hats.


Anonymous said...

All of these WBC guys are "double agents". They will align themselves with whatever political interest benifits them. They claim the current business orgs are too anti-tax in one of the most anti-business states in the country. WMC hasn't been a beacon for common sense either, they supported that horrible hospital tax legislation. Seems like Klauser needs Nuemann to hurt or beat Walker in a primary lest his influence peddling be disrupted.

Cory Liebmann said...

Very interesting comments anon.

So you are clearly calling out Klauser, but then how do you explain the big Walker supporters that are involved with this new group (Luber, Villa etc)?