Friday, July 03, 2009

Neumann: In Your Face Walker

We have already been tracking the many ways that perpetual candidate Scott Walker has delivered an "in your face" to his Republican Primary challenger Mark Neumann. Now that the former congressman has made his run against Walker official, he has delivered a few "in your face" moments back to Walker this week.

First, Neumann has received a ton of press for making his run official this week. The number of stories about him across the state absolutely dwarfs any coverage that Walker had recently (including his failed self promotion tour last week). Also Neumann took the opportunity to repeatedly drive home the talking point that he is a better choice than Walker because of his private sector experience and Walker's extreme lack thereof.

Now that this primary is officially on, it will be interesting to watch the coming "in your face" moments. Perhaps even more interesting will be what is said and done behind the scenes. For example, Walker recently announced that right-wing sugar daddy Michael Grebe as the chair of his campaign. At the same time Republican big wheel Jim Klauser is actively backing Neumann. Something tells me that we might miss some of the most interesting "in your face" moments but we will do our best to watch for them and blog all about it.

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