Monday, June 11, 2012

John Doe Says No

After Scott Walker won the recall election I can understand why his most obsessed followers experience delusions about him joining Mitt Romney on the presidential ticket.  But to have prominent members of the media actually speculate about this delusion is truly ridiculous.  For example CNN's Piers Morgan made it the highlight of his entire pathetic interview with Walker last week. (eat your heart out Fox News)

With the sad exception of John McCain in 2008, most presidential candidates thoroughly and completely vet potential running mates.  Does anyone seriously think that the Romney campaign and the establishment Republicans are going to allow Scott Walker to join that ticket with the John Doe investigation still hanging over his head and while Walker is still spending money hand over fist from his criminal defense fund? Nope. Not going to happen. Scott Walker knows it, why doesn't the media?

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Anonymous said...

any republicans still long for the days of spiro agnew?