Thursday, June 07, 2012

Walker needs an education on "cooperation"

After the election Tuesday Scott Walker has been talking about cooperation with Democrats.  As an apparent sign of his alleged change in tactic he even invited Democrats to a beer and brat photo op.  Given his history of self-promotion and manipulation I certainly hope that people don't take his words at face value.  Don't listen to his words, watch his actions.  If you need a primer on Scott Walker and "cooperation" or "conciliation" you might want to talk to members of the Milwaukee County Board.

Walker says that he wants to cooperate but then when he gets his first chance to unfairly attack others for his own political gain he doesn't hesitate.  It has been reported in recent days that the UW regents are considering a 5.5% increase in tuition.  Obviously that is not desirable but to have Scott Walker, the person that heavily and repeatedly cut education,  reportedly complaining about it requires an epic level of hypocrisy.

So Walker pretends to want "cooperation" right after the election but he appears to be taking the very first opportunity to unfairly attack others.  Dan Bice noted that yesterday at a morning press conference Walker blamed the proposed tuition increase on the fact that a majority of the UW Regents were appointed by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a conciliatory tone to me.

Walker has been governor for over a year and a half and he is still blaming the Democrat that proceeded him? Even though the Regents are trying to deal with HIS BUDGET CUTS? HIS TUITION INCREASE? Typical Scott Walker...He will continue to blame others for the results of his own radical policies, actions and incompetence.

As I fully expected, Scott Walker is not being real when he talks about "cooperation".  In fact he really desperately needs an education...

....about what that word actually means.


Gareth said...

I hope someone is seriously working on ways to game the photo op. Give him a reconiliation present of a sequined orange jumpsuit. After all, he is a rock star.

Anonymous said...

You missed the more recent, additional cuts to the UW System. The total now exceeds $315 million.

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to go to the UW. After Doyle's massive cuts, after Thompson's massive cuts, it's gutted beyond the bone now. We're feeding on the marrow . . . and fewer are feeding by the day, with the loss of faculty and no replacements.

Of course, with six years of no raises for faculty (due to Doyle retracting a promised raise that other UW System workers got), two years of 3%-plus base pay cuts (Doyle, again), and Walker's 10%-plus take-home pay cuts, UW faculty are so far behind that they're easy pickings for campuses elsewhere . . . because Repubs and Dems alike like to ignore the fact that faculty, unlike K12ers, operate in a national job market.

The brain drain from the state is soaring. . . . Population loss exceeding 70,000 now in the last year alone, I saw? We need new signs at the border: "You Now Are Leaving Walker's Wississippi."