Friday, June 29, 2012

Tommy & Hovde: DC Twins

Tommy Thompson and Eric Hovde may be running against each other but they are also starting to look a lot alike.  Both have been in Washington D.C. making gobs of money at the expense of good policy and public interests.  Tommy has made a fortune as a super lobbyist for just about every bad special interest that would pay him.  Eric Hovde has been busy as a hedge fund manager and a buyer of banks that have benefited from $188 billion in taxpayer funded bailout money.  The bottom line is that they are both big shot Washington D.C. insiders that both covet the U.S. Senate seat from Wisconsin.

Check out just some of the other ways that the two are very similar:

  • Both have tried to run out the clock by delaying the filing of their financial disclosures.
  • Both have refused to release their state or federal tax returns. 
  • Both went from regulating certain industries to working and/or lobbying for them.
  • Both favor unfair tax policies that give massive breaks to big corporations and rich guys like themselves. 
  • Both favor the immoral Ryan budget that would end Medicare as we know it
  • Both were quickly dumped during a vote at the Republican convention earlier this year. 
The two are so darn similar that even their numbers in a recent poll are nearly identical. The poll taken from June 19-21 shows that 26% of Republican primary voters support Thompson and 27% support Hovde.

If you want to see even more similarities between Tommy Thompson and Eric Hovde, check out this  very detailed memo that further explains the remarkable likeness between these Washington D.C. twins.  Many of the similarities have been very good for both Tommy and Hovde and for the special interests that they represent but none of those similarities represent things that are good for Wisconsin.

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