Saturday, June 02, 2012

More Walker Criminal Defense $ Means More Work

Scott Walker's most recent campaign finance filing shows that he put another $100,000 into his criminal defense fund.  He transferred $70k on May 3rd and another $30k on May 17th.  That is in addition to the previous $60,000 that he put in his criminal defense fund. He is the only governor in the history of the state to have a criminal defense fund, he continues to ramp up transfers to the fund and yet we still don't even have a straight answer from Walker about why it is even necessary in the first place.  Are we really supposed to believe that all of this money is being spent for his lawyers to simply photo copy emails for the District Attorney's office?

One thing is clear, Walker has certainly ramped up his funding of his criminal defense fund.  Since Walker is refusing to be transparent with voters, what can we gather from his actions on our own? It seems clear that his high priced criminal defense lawyers must be putting in rapidly increased hours in recent weeks.  Walker claims that he isn't using the money to pay for his aides legal fees. So what explains the jump in criminal defense spending? Have his lawyers hired an investigator or other consultants or experts of some kind? What work are they doing that is wracking up so many hours so quickly?  You don't have this level of legal spending because you are just simply "cooperating" with the prosecutors. Something is clearly afoot and voters should know what it is before the recall election.

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