Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Weak is the Wisconsin Right Wing?

We are only a week from the April 7 election and it appears that the right wing candidates for statewide office are not going to air even one single TV ad. Neither Randy Koschnick nor Rose Fernandez have been able to muster the kind of support that translates into donations and ads. Furthermore it does not appear that any of the usual right wing organizations are doing ad buys to support either candidate. Many of them certainly have the means, so why the complete and total ad silence? I think that this is remarkable and I'm actually starting to wonder if the right wing in Wisconsin has simply given up or if they are just too weak? Certainly there are zealous followers, as with any campaign, but I'm talking about the real movers and shakers and all of the usual funders of rightwingology. They have the funds to create a new right wing organization every year but they don't have it to support their right wing candidates? If they haven't given up, then this is truly a peculiar strategy leading up to an election. Maybe they are counting only on the right wing radio yackers to give them the usual nonstop free ad-time preaching to their choir.

You can't really blame the right wing and the Republican Party of Wisconsin for being a little shell-shocked right now. They again lost the Presidential race here (by a much wider margin), they have lost all control of the state legislature, and they couldn't beat Congressman Kagen even though it was a top priority. That followed by the lack of financial support in this election, makes me wonder just how weak the Wisconsin GOP is right now. While Reince Priebus has been managing the Michael Steele train wreck in Washington, are Wisconsin conservatives crashing and burning? And now they are starting to gear up for a bitter and divisive primary battle for governor?

Obviously I don't have a crystal ball, but the recent track record and the observable evidence reminds me of a classic TV commercial. Since the right wing isn't offering any TV ads during this election cycle, I'll submit this one on their behalf.

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Zach W. said...

"Obviously I don't have a crystal ball,"

I read that completely differently...