Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scott Walker Does His Best Rose Fernandez Impression

During last week Friday's DPI debate, Rose Fernandez did her best Scott Walker impression by waffling on an $800 million question. Now Scott Walker is repaying the favor by doing his best Rose Fernandez impression. I told you that these two spent too much time together at all of those rabidly partisan events! They really are two peas in a pod! Rose waffles on investing hundreds of millions of dollars into Wisconsin kids' education. Walker refuses investment in Milwaukee County, and then pledges to send 230 more Milwaukee workers into the unemployment line. All of that just to pander to the extreme right wing!

So while Rose and Scott continue to impersonate each other, the rest of us need to make note of their actions and reject that rigid ideology. Anything less would be a very expensive mistake for both Milwaukee County and the entire State of Wisconsin.

UPDATE: So now Scott Walker is backtracking on his promise to send 230 workers to the unemployment line. Typical Walker, the second he thinks that it might be bad for him politically, he adjusts to what he thinks is expedient for his own future. That may be one way to run a campaign but it is NO WAY to govern.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . where is the coverage on Evers' scandal? Is it not interesting enough to cover that a candidate was caught breaking the law in order to get elected?

Apparently liberal bloggers are blind to the skeletons in their own closets.

Cory Liebmann said...

you folks can be so overly dramatic sometimes.

since you are such big fans of Rose Fernandez, maybe you should follow her lead on this...she basically told the mjs reporter that this whole email thing isn't very important to her and it isn't worth any more of her time. for once i can say that i agree with her. it is not worth my time either, no matter how hard you try to over-hype it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that not answering a hypothetical question regarding stimulus money that is causing such controversy can be depicted as waffling. I think that before someone accepts any type of funding they need to thoroughly read the fine print and see what details are behind it. If this is your only concern regarding Fernandez I think you might have a very weak stance.

What the children in the state of Wisconsin need is someone that is not interested in political gain, but someone that is interested in restoring the core values of the education system before testing became the predominant consideration in whether a school was doing it's job. We also need someone that isn't afraid to look at alternative and more progressive means of education that help students progress and not digress.

If you have spent any amount of time with the students of today you will find that they not only have lost proper language skills, but they have become more interested in being popular than in being educated. Politics have ruined our education system.

Spout your liberal and conservative bull all you want, but the truth is we need to get away from politics and into common sense. Evers is proving to be a very effective politician. At least Fernandez makes sense is what should be happening inside the public schools, which is totally NOT what the teacher's union want because then they lose control.