Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ruffled Feathers and a Missing Staff

At 9:32 a.m. I posted a blog asking questions about the new right wing organization that Scott Jensen was reportedly trying to start. Because of Bruce Murphy’s reporting, I knew that this organization was named The Maciver Institute. Yesterday I learned that they also had a live website. When I went to that site I found the list of board members and the contact information. I also discovered a restricted Twitter account for the new org. This morning as I was preparing my blog I noticed that the site was suddenly down, so I just linked to a couple cached pages and posted the blog. At some point this afternoon, and I’m sure it was a complete and total coincidence, The Maciver Institute sent out a press release, officially launching their org.

Perhaps it was just an over site, but even though they listed board members, they didn’t mention an executive director or any paid staff. What kind of organization launches without any of those things or naming them if they do exist? That phantom ED and staff still doesn’t show up on their “About Us” page.

The invisible staff at Maciver also removed the restriction from their Twitter account. Apparently my blog post this morning must have ruffled a few feathers over there because 2 of their 5 Tweets so far are directed at it. My favorite is the most recent one which states:

“Accusing us of imposing a "rigid ideology" upon others after having said
nothing specific is the epitome of crying wolf. That's extreme.”

To borrow a famous quote, “I must've hit it real close to the mark to get her all riled up like this…”

Not that their comment needs any real response, but let’s just say that I have seen “the body of work” that many of the people that appear to be affiliated with this organization have produced and I feel pretty safe with my previously posted descriptions. I just hope that the media looks at The Maciver Institute for what it really is, and I also hope that they eventually help find the misplaced ED and staff.

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