Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sandra Day O'Conner Not Fond of "Activist Judge" Label

In fact she is so concerned about such a flawed approach that she has established an online effort to educate the next generation. The site that she has started is Our She appeared on The Daily Show last night. I think that many on the right, that are constantly employing these kinds of absurd attacks, should be the first to take some of the courses that she offers or at least watch her comments.


Anonymous said...

You Boob...

Sandra Day O'Conner said there should not be activist judges...and I agree.

Did you even listen to the clip?

She was explaining that judges are not suppose to legislate from the bench...and that we have 3 separate branches of Gov't to prevent that. That is kinda the point of the word who wrongly oversteps their bounds. The label activist Judge describes someone who is doing is meant to point out what a Judge is not suppose to is a label for someone who is doing what the branches of Gov't were created to prevent... like Shirley's MO (and her last two cronies)....the people of Wisconsin all agree...we voted two out over the past two years and there is one big one to go!

illusory tenant said...
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illusory tenant said...

Did you even listen to the clip?

I did. As Cory said, she was bemoaning the empty-headed use of the term "activist" and equated it with the equally ridiculous accusations "secular, godless [and] humanist."

Note also her response to Stewart's reference to the outcome in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, a school choice case: "Well, that's the way it goes. Some you like, some you don't."

In short, when people in need of civics lessons throw around empty jargon like "activist judges," they're simply talking about decisions they don't care for.

Which is exactly what many of us noticed ages ago.