Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is “Wisconsin Knows” Linked to Walker Cronies?

A right wing blog has started speculating about who is behind the new anonymous blog, Wisconsin Knows. Wisconsin Knows posted a very detailed entry about Republican candidate for governor Mark Neumann and questioned claims that he made recently on Charlie Sykes' radio show. Specifically Wisconsin Knows challenged a Neumann statement regarding his business relationship with his brother, who allegedly had all sorts of business related problems and ended up declaring bankruptcy. The aforementioned right wing blogger spent some time Saturday morning wildly speculating that Democrats just have to be behind the Wisconsin Knows info. Well, I don't have anything better to do right now and two can play at that game, so let me take my speculating turn!

I think that one of Scott Walker's cronies are behind Wisconsin Knows' blog against Mark Neumann! Here are the reasons behind my wild speculation and I think they outmatch the right wing blogger's:

  1. Walker disciples have already been quite vicious towards Neumann and his big boosters like Jim Klauser.
  2. Walker's campaign has already delivered multiple "in your face" moments to Neumann.
  3. Walker enthusiast Charlie Sykes is the one that very publicly brought this issue up to Neumann in the first place.
  4. It didn't take long for the "Scottforgov" blog* to post something questioning Neumann's honesty on the issue.
  5. Not to mention, Mark Neumann is Scott Walker's opponent right now.

There you have it! I think there is more evidence that Scott Walker cronies are behind the Wisconsin Knows blog on Neumann and his business practices. The big question now is how will Neumann and friends respond to these Walker attacks?

*This is not the campaign's official blog, but it is a Walker (conduit?) disciple. By the way I wish I would have seen this blog earlier, there are more entertainingly vicious attacks on Neumann and Company than just this recent one.

UPDATE I: Our friends at Heartland Hollar correctly point out that the Neumann Homes situation was brought up on their blog four months ago, long before Wisconsin Knows. They also offer interesting thoughts on how the issue might play itself out down the road.

UPDATE II:The Walker disciples at the Scottforgov blog are really on a roll! They just posted an item Sunday that does several things: 1. it makes crude jokes about Mark Neumann's "three legged strategy" 2. it suggests that the strategy may be based on old fashioned self interests rather than helping the state. 3. it suggests that Neumann smokes THC 4. it suggests that Neumann may be using his corporate dollars to actually benefit his campaign. 5. it suggests (again)that Neumann is dishonest.


Zach W. said...

It wouldn't shock me one iota to find out Walker's people are behind Wisconsin Knows.

capper said...

Remind me sometime to tell you the other stunts that his campaigns are known for.