Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why was Walker at the “Angry Mob” but Neumann Wasn’t?

Saturday the same few thousand right wing fringe dwellers held another rally for failure. I particularly thought it was interesting that they held it at a public (socialist?) park that was named to honor those that served in our country's (government-run) military. Choice of settings aside, it appears that several of the participants called themselves an "angry mob". Given one disturbing description it certainly does sound like the crowd was angry enough to assault. Based on the reports that I have read, the main theme of the event was wild anger over government spending (where were they during the GOP spending?). Considering the main point of the event I have to ask why were some of the usual politicians even present?

Scott Walker was there draped in a flag wearing a University of Wisconsin jacket. What was he doing at an anti-government spending event? Didn't he tell the "angry mob" that he has had a dramatic change of heart recently? Didn't he mention to them that he has new spending plans that will tap into the same federal stimulus package that he has also attacked? I understand that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was there but I have to wonder if he showed up at the wrong rally as well. He has been asking for more taxpayer money to spend over at the Sheriff's Department. There were even reports of Glenn Grothman "grunting" around backstage. Why was he involved in a mob that was angry about government spending? Wasn't he in the state legislature during the Thompson administration, a period of time that is well known for big spending? I'm sorry but these just seem like odd people to have addressing a mob that is supposed to be so angry about government spending.

While the list of politicians that were present is perplexing enough, what is perhaps more interesting is the one person that was apparently absent. Where was Republican candidate for governor Mark Neumann? Didn't the organizers of the event (Americans for Prosperity) invite him to speak? If not does that mean that they are already a useful tool of the Walker campaign? If Neumann was invited, then why didn't he attend? Was he afraid that this was essentially a Walker rally and that he wouldn't be welcome or was he worried about associating himself with a self described "angry mob"? If it is the latter, I think that someone better relay a very important message to Mark Neumann. Perhaps something like this would work: "Mark, you've been out of politics for a while now, and do you see that angry mob over there? The one that you didn't want to be seen with? Well, sadly Mark that is the new Republican base. Now go get'em tiger!"

The Brew City Brawler has pictures of the "angry mob" (aka: the new Republican base).

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