Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Steele, Scott Walker is on the line

Not even a full month has passed since we first speculated that Scott Walker must be placing angry calls to his fellow Republican's for bragging about how the federal stimulus is helping their communities. First it was Racine County Executive Bill McReynolds, then only days later came Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas. We even wondered if Scott Walker may have called the U.S. Economy which had the nerve to be lifted by the federal stimulus. But then a very strange thing happened on Walker's road to "Damascus" and he did a shameless and total 180 on the federal stimulus. In fact his credit card budget relies heavily on the many benefits of the federal stimulus that he once loved to hate. All of these events must truly be embarrassing to poor Scott Walker, but they just keep on coming.

Yesterday, after Walker had presented his proposed budget and after he had finally come to terms with the federal stimulus being a good thing for Milwaukee County, another very funny thing happened. On the very same day that he made his new love for the federal stimulus official, the bumbling chair of the Republican National Committee sent out a not so helpful email to Walker's base. The subject of the email read, "Stop the Stimulus Spending Boondoggle!" I mean it is almost as if Michael Steele has already endorsed Mark Neumann or something (not that we even know what Neumann thinks about the stimulus). So on the same day that Republican Scott Walker finally officially declares his love and need for the federal stimulus, Chairman Steele calls it a "spending boondoggle". I have to wonder how many Wisconsin Republicans received that in their inbox while at the same time read about Scott Walker's credit card stimulus dependant budget?

I can't imagine that Scott Walker was too happy with the bumbling chairman of the RNC. Heck, maybe he even placed another one of his famous angry phone calls.

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