Friday, September 04, 2009

Wow, are they really this paranoid?

"We are all going to be locked up in FEMA Camps!"

"The President is the Antichrist!"

"An encroaching fascist threat!"

"An encroaching socialist threat!"

"Death Panels are gonna Kill Grandma!"

And now the kook fringe believe that our President is trying to brainwash "the children" because he has a 20 minute speech encouraging them on the importance of getting a solid education? I guess you are always going to have people that go to crazy extremes but when you have entire school districts banning the President of the United States from being able to encourage students about education, you have officially jumped the right-wing shark. Exactly what is the President supposed to be "brainwashing" students about? The importance of a solid education and excelling in school? Overcoming personal challenges to succeed in life and maybe even become president? Oh my god, that is terrible! The end of the world is at hand!

I could understand if a district leaves it up to each teacher to determine if it fits the curriculum for their various classes, but basically banning it from an entire school district because of loud people on the furthest fringe? Do kids really need permission slips to hear a sitting president speak (or read "My Pet Goat" upside down)? If they still have a Civics class in schools these days, I guess they can't watch the news anymore, or read newspapers, because heaven forbid that the President may say something in them. This right wing paranoia is really becoming a caricature of itself.

I'm really not sure what drives this kind of madness. I can only come to a few conclusions.

1. Some people really are nuts

2. Some people are really that partisan and bitter about losing

3. Some people are just racists and hate President Obama for that reason

I tend to think that the majority of this is based on a bitterness and hyper right wing partisanship that is willing to go along with the craziest of accusations just because they always want to be on the attack against the other side. If it isn't hyper partisanship, where were all of these crazy accusations and protests when a president by the name of Bush did pretty much the same thing? I almost hope that it is partisanship because the thought of having these many people being this paranoid is a little frightening.

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