Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'll Trade My Loser for Yours

First Scott Walker started using the services of former Mark Neumann man, RJ Johnson. As I stated at that time, there are worthy questions that should be asked about who is paying RJ because it doesn't appear that Walker was doing so. Now in some political consultant version of Wife Swap we are learning that former Walker man, Bruce Pfaff, is going to work for Mark Neumann. Is the talent pool so shallow for Republicans that their primary candidates have to swap their closest advisers?

Heartland Hollar reminds us of Pfaff's working for Scott Jensen during the "caucus scandal". They also reference the records of RJ Johnson and Bruce Pfaff when it comes to actually winning elections. The numbers that Heartland Hollar gives us don't look pretty and they rightfully compare the situation to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

By our count, between Johnson and Pfaff, they have worked on at least nine losing campaigns-Scott Walker, John Gard, Paul Bucher in 2006, Tim Michels in 2004, Scott McCallum in 2002, John Gillespie in 2000, Sharon Rose in 1999, Mark Neumann in 1998, and Cate Zeuske in 1994.

I wonder if Walker and Neumann actually planned this trading of one political loser for the other?

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