Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scorecard on State Health System Performance

The Commonwealth Fund has released a scorecard judging each state's health system performance. Wisconsin ranks in the top tier in the overall ranking, in access ranking, in prevention and treatment, and in it's healthy lives ranking. Wisconsin takes a step down to the second tier in the areas of Equity (our lowest ranking), and in the avoidable hospital use/costs ranking. Wisconsin's overall ranking has moved up from 11 in 2007 to 10 today.

The study includes an interactive map as pictured below. It is hard not to notice that the states that make up the new Republican base (the deep south) have some of the worst overall rankings in the country.
ht: Daily Kos


Anonymous said...

What no public official’s property deed posting for this story?

Have you set a standard criteria yet as to who and when the next public figure will have their deed posted? You failed to provide any past postings of other politicians.

Are you going to cut questions off in this blog like you did the last one because you don’t want to be held accountable and answer them?

hmmm; hypocrisy can be defined as wanting to hold others (Walker) accountable be not wanting to be held accountable yourself.

Cory Liebmann said...

get over it already...are you really going to start spamming now? for three days i helped you chase your tail in the comments section of that blog posting, if you couldn't get everything said during that time then that is your problem.

i did not cut off questions. didn't you notice that there were 15 comments in three days? i don't call that "cutting off questions". the fact is that i implimented a policy months ago to fight spam. usually nothing but spam comes in more than three days after a blog posting. when comments come in after that three day period they are not automatically posted.

if three days are not enough for you to rant and rave about a particular blog posting then i suggest you throw a tantrum somewhere else...maybe start your own blog. but if you continue to post comments about unrelated things just because you are obsessed, I will simply start deleting them.