Friday, October 02, 2009

Walker Disregards Disabled, CRG Disregards Truth

I can just imagine how it may have unfolded. Scott Walker is busy in his office preparing his campaign style speech for the campaign style event planned by Citizens for Republican Responsible Government. All the while some 70 advocates for the disabled are trying to get in to speak to Walker about the disastrous effect his credit card budget will have on them. Apparently Walker was just too busy to speak to those that suffer most under his pretend budget. Certainly he is not too busy to prepare for and participate in an event sponsored by a group that recently appeared to come out of the political closet for him. I guess the lesson from this is that if you are hurt by Walker's carelessness you are disregarded and if you ignore your own stated principles to support him, you get all kinds of face time.

The advocates for the disabled are probably not very surprised that Scott Walker disregarded them in the literal sense because he has been disregarding their needs through his budgeting and damaging policies for seven years. Every year he prepares a budget and every year he seeks to cut, reduce and/or privatize services that are critical to the disabled. Walker even tries to sell off programs to the highest bidder even though it often costs just as much (or more) than it would to just continue funding these critical programs. It really makes one wonder what is really behind his knee jerk drive to privatize and otherwise diminish critical services to the disabled.

Speaking of disregarding, Walker's useful pawns over at CRG are not only disregarding their previously stated principles but they are equally disregarding the truth. They have started a round of robo-calls trying to get people to attend what really amounts to a political rally of support for Scott Walker's gubernatorial campaign. In the call they even tell us to "stand up" for Scott Walker. The disregarding the truth comes in when the speaker says that Scott Walker's budget "cuts spending". Apparently CRG didn't bother reading Walker's budget in their blind rush to support him. His budget calls for a massive 6 percent increase in spending, more than double the rate of inflation!

If CRG and their followers want to come out and support Scott Walker regardless of his actions, then they should just say so but they shouldn't try to deceive the public in the process. If they were not disregarding the truth, they would include some of the following low-lights in their robo-calls, mailers and rally speeches:

  • Walker has suggested $40 million in increases to the tax levy between HIS first proposed budget (for 2003) and HIS current one.
  • Walker front loads three years of Milwaukee County borrowing/spending into one year (an election year).
  • Walker increases/creates fees all over the place in this current budget.
  • Walker's budget relies heavily on the same federal stimulus that he and his followers have loved to hate in the recent past.

Don't look for them to point out any of these inconvenient facts because it doesn't promote their political agenda. It is much easier to just follow Scott Walker's lead and disregard real people, real policy and real honesty.


Jim said...

I was about to make a post on my blog about this. CRG is one of my favorite targets because the hypocrisy makes it so easy. But you beat me to it, and much better than I could have done. Nice job.

Cory Liebmann said...

Thanks Jim. You should still do one...there is so much low hanging fruit to pick with these jokers. Now if only the MJS would stop describing them as just a "citizen group".

Aaron Rodriguez said...

Low hanging fruit? The only low hanging fruit is when partisan bloggers lie about the records of political candidates even after being corrected.

Cory Liebmann said...

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself Aaron...I know that you really believe the walker talking points that you parrot but you shouldn't call yourself a are just a true believer that has been mislead.

Cory Liebmann said...


Zach W. said...

Aaron, I'm just curious....would you consider yourself a "partisan blogger?"

capper said...

More like partisan hack.