Monday, October 26, 2009

More Walker Flailing brings a Fact Check

The Scott Walker campaign built its entire operation on attacking Governor Doyle. Ever since the Governor announced that he was not running for reelection, team Walker has been flailing about not really sure who to attack next. That is not a good thing when the entirety of your campaign is built on little more than attacks. It is too bad that someone at the Walker campaign couldn't start giving solutions or at least a few substantive answers along with the bumper sticker slogans. The latest example of Walker campaign flailing came today in their reaction to news that Lt. Governor Lawton would not be running for Governor.

"The voters will have a clear choice next November," said Walker campaign manager Keith Gilkes in a statement. "Our plan to fix the economy is to create jobs in Wisconsin through low taxes and less government - instead of the Doyle-Barrett plan of more spending, higher taxes, and overreaching government."

Wait a minute, my first question is "who is Doyle Barrett and when did he announce for governor?"

Not only is the Walker campaign lacking any real direction but they are also making statements that are quite easily fact checked in a way that could actually backfire against them. We did this just recently but it looks like we will have to remind Walker and Friends of his actual record vs. his flailing rhetoric on a much more frequent basis.

More government and more spending you say?

Walker Proposed Spending in HIS BUDGET for 2003: $1,100,274,125
Walker Proposed Spending in HIS BUDGET for 2010: $1,481,577,120

That is a 35% increase in spending since Walker has been at the helm. You can't blame that figure on the county board or anyone else since those numbers are Walker's from his own proposed budgets.

Are you really sure that you want to talk about higher taxes?

Walker Proposed Tax Levy in HIS BUDGET for 2003: $218,708,524 Walker Proposed Tax Levy in HIS BUDGET for 2010: $257,637,284

That amounts to nearly a $40 million increase or an 18% raise in the tax levy as proposed by Walker in his own budgets. Sorry, that doesn't look like a freeze to me.

Just to make things extra easy for us, the next thing you know Walker and Company are going to start complaining about fee hikes (even though he has increased fees across the board from 36 percent all the way to infinity).

Like I said, not just flailing but flailing in a way that desperately needs a regular fact check.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of flailing. Your grasp of what an increase from year to year is down right amazing. But do keep it shows how desperate you are in the attempt to bash Walker.

Using your silly book keeping math, Walker is a vast improvement of Doyle, his budget has increased over 42% during the same time...

Cory Liebmann said...

typical response from a typical walker groupie. change the subject, and make it more complicated in order to deceive.

this blog is about walker's rhetoric as compared to HIS actual numbers. Shifting focus to others is a clear attempt to change the topic. but i understand why a blind groupie would do something like that.

look up the numbers in walker's 2003 proposed budget and compare them with the numbers in his current proposed budget. the amount of spending and the amount of the tax levy has gone up by walkers own hand...contrary to his antitax and antispending rhetoric.

this isn't even about whether more spending and higher taxes/fees is right or is about the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. sorry that is your guy's record and you can love him all that you want but it wont change his actual record.