Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Has Klauser Lost His Influence with Klauser?

Back in May I asked if former GOP big-wig Jim Klauser has lost his influence with the ever extreme Republican Party of Wisconsin. I asked the question because it seemed that the tea bagger types that increasingly control the RPW were not only ignoring his chosen candidate for governor but lobbing all sorts of insults at him in the process. But if recent right wing rumors are true, the new question should be whether Jim Klauser has now officially lost his influence with Jim Klauser.

The same right wing Walker groupies that were hating on Klauser for backing Mark Neumann, are now cheering the rumor that he is now removing his support from the very candidate he may have actually recruited. I have heard that Mark Neumann is not the easiest guy to work with and I know that his campaign has made some pretty dumb mistakes already, but is Klauser really flip-flopping on this? Word on the street is that he doesn't really like Scott Walker and that he was very much involved in finding an alternative to him. Whether that is completely accurate or not, we do know that he went on his very own media blitz for Neumann just before Walker's anticlimactic "special announcement".

If this is completely legit then maybe some introductions are in order: Teabaggers, allow me to re-introduce you to Jim Klauser. Jim, this is your new Republican Party. Now you may want to pick up that "Obama is the Anti-Christ" sign to make a better second impression.

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