Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Walker/CRG Love Affair Continues

It looks like all of Scott Walker's whining last week about coverage for his front group Citizens for Republican Government (CRG) paid off today. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn't only give prominent placement to a story about their blind support of Walker but it even went as far to call them a "citizen group". I don't really have a problem with that description technically speaking but the least that the story could have pointed out is that this is a conservative right wing "citizens group" that backs Walker no matter what he does or says (even if it conflicts with their own stated positions).

Regarding the content of the actual story, I'll simply defer to Milwaukee County First who provided a complete beat down to the story, to Walker and to CRG. I would only add a few of the following points.

1. Government Spending/Growth

The first time that CRG held a Walker (campaign) rally they promoted it by lying to people in a robo call suggesting that Walker's budget was going to cut spending. Maybe they didn't actually look at Walker's budget or maybe the truth simply doesn't matter to them. Walker's current budget increases spending. That continues a Walker pattern of rhetoric not matching reality.

Walker Proposed Spending in HIS BUDGET for 2003: $1,100,274,125
Walker Proposed Spending in HIS BUDGET for 2010: $1,481,577,120

That is a 35% increase in spending

And for those 2 or 3 Walker groupies trolling this site that don't like looking at Walker's entire record here is another group of numbers that show Walker's increased spending.

Walker's proposed spending for 2009: $1,426,815,877
Adopted spending for 2009: $1,394,100,657 (Board)
Walker's proposed spending for 2010: $1,481,577,120

Sorry, no matter which way you slice it, Scott Walker has continually proposed increasing spending in Milwaukee County while at the same time complaining about spending. Furthermore, his current budget front loads three years of increased borrowing into one year and increases government by 6% which is twice the rate of inflation. Apparently for CRG and other Walker Groupies, increased spending and bigger government is A-OK just as long as long as it is Scott Walker that is doing it.

2. This time next year

If CRG is going to fight tooth and nail about the tax levy amount that was passed by the County Board then I sure hope that they fight Walker tooth and nail next year at this time when he uses that very figure as his starting point for his next budget. I wont hold my breath, because CRG continues to be breathlessly in love with Scott Walker.


Anonymous said...

At last you are trying real accounting for a change, last year to this year...good for you.

Cory Liebmann said...

i did that just for you