Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sanfelippo is a Major League Prick

I'm sorry, but sometimes there is just no other way to say things. Sometimes you can't sugar coat things and you just have to speak the truth. Milwaukee County Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo is a major league prick. I don't just say that because he is a Walker puppet on the county board and I don't just say that because of his record of voting against a program that has been a godsend for my mother. I say it because in my experience it is simply the truth.

Monday the Milwaukee Journal highlighted a clash between Sanfelippo and Supervisor Patricia Jursik. Apparently Jurisk took exception to comments made by Sanfelippo at the CRG rally for Walker's campaign budget. I wasn't in the rally and I don't know what Sanfelippo said or didn't say, but I do know that his comments in his clash with Jursik prove the point that I'm trying to make here. He sarcastically commented that "perhaps your memory is going out" and he told her that "your are full of crap and you know it".

Reading about his inappropriate comments to Supervisor Jursik released some left over anger that I still have personally for Joe Sanfelippo. I hesitate addressing such an intensely personal issue but reading his comments yesterday opened that wound again and I feel strongly compelled. My mother has struggled with mental illness for as long as I can remember. For the last number of years the Targeted Case Management program at the Behavioral Health Division has almost singlehandedly brought a sense of stability to many aspects of her life. Unfortunately every single year the effort is made to privatize the program even though that move would cost the county more and would remove all stability for the clients. Every single year she has to fight to save the program that has been such a tremendous help to her and many others. That fight includes her calling her own supervisor, who is unfortunately Joe Sanfelippo.

Last year my mother was gearing up for the same old fight to save the program but this time she ended up not being able to be as active because my grandmother was dying. My mother fought for the program as much as should could while spending every single waking moment at my dying grandmother's bedside. She was there for the entire last week of her life. Obviously she was not able to worry nearly as much about the program during that time. The same day that my grandmother died, my mother went home only to hear a message left on her voice mail by her County Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo. He informed her that her program was officially put back in the budget (no thanks to him) and he then chastised her because he claimed that she called his office 16 times that day. First of all his accusation was absurd and totally inaccurate but it was also extremely hurtful on the very same day that she lost her mother.

Later, after being confronted about his inappropriate call, Sanfelippo denied what he said on her voicemail. Unfortunately his denial doesn't go very far since it was captured on a voicemail that several other people listened to at the time.

So this just brings me back to my main point. Some may be surprised at Sanfelippo's inappropriate comments toward his fellow County Supervisor, but very few people in my family are shocked. Unfortunately we already know that he is a major league prick.


Jim said...

I would say you exercised a great degree of restraint in this post Cory. I would've gone a lot further had someone treated my mother in that fashion.

Cory Liebmann said...

to be honest, i didn't even want to bring this up but that story tapped right back into my left over anger from last year. right or wrong, I just had to say it.