Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Know Palin is Extreme When Fox News Correctly Fact-Checks Her

One Wisconsin Now was the first to provide actual audio from the Sarah Palin/Wisconsin Right to Life event last Friday. In her comments she presented her latest crazy conspiracy theory. Not only is the government planning to kill your grandmother with Palin's imagined "death panels" but now they are slowly moving God off of our coinage. As OWN pointed out right away, moving the "in God we trust" off the center of a specific coin was done in 2005, and approved by a Republican Congress and a Republican president by the name of Bush. Wow, that is a pretty wild and twisted anti-Christian conspiracy theory Sarah!

To show just how wild this latest Palin theory is, even Fox News has been forced to debunk it! Who knows, maybe they are somehow a mere pawn in this wildly imagined conspiracy.

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