Wednesday, March 25, 2009

“101 Ways to Get Rejected”

After going through a long series of difficult events, many people turn to writing because it can be rather therapeutic. With the string of rejections that Jefferson County Judge Randy Koschnick has been experiencing lately, I suggest that he start putting a pen to paper soon. Here is just a sampling of what he has endured:

90 percent of the Milwaukee Bar Association declared the Chief Justice qualified, while only 25 percent described Koschnick as such. The spin after that tally seemed to be that they just don't know him well enough.

Enter the majority of Jefferson County Judges, that I assume know Koschnick very well. Two of the three judges endorsed the Chief Justice, with one enthusiastically editorializing about it in local papers. Along with the nonpartisan judges, some 60 plus prominent officials and residents in Jefferson County picked the Chief Justice over Koschnick. Since the Koschnick Campaign couldn't say that they didn't know him, they turned to saying that these were all Democrats. Contrary to that argument, one of the Abrahamson supporters is a former Republican legislator and at least one supported Koschnick back in 1999.

After having heard from Koschnick for over a month since the Milwaukee Bar Association survey, Dane County Lawyers still overwhelmingly declared the Chief Justice qualified. The actual number was again close to 90 percent whereas those describing Koschnick as qualified was an embarrassing 9 percent. The suggested talking point after that, was the same tired "liberal Madison" excuse.

Well surly a similar survey of Waukesha County lawyers would correct this "partisan" trend right? After all, Waukesha is known as the most Republican/conservative county in the state right? So what were the results of Waukesha County Lawyers? Out of the 176 lawyers, 127 rated the Chief Justice as highly qualified compared to only 33 that described Koschnick in the same way. To make it even worse, more of these Waukesha County lawyers described him as not qualified (43).

Unfortunately Koschnick is not even able to fall back on endorsements. Just look at how lopsided some of those are:

Police Chiefs

114 for Abrahamson and 24 for Koschnick


33 for Abrahamson and 22 for Koschnick

Law Enforcement Organizations

7 for Abrahamson and 2 for Koschnick

District Attorneys

40 for Abrahamson and 12 for Koschnick

And now for the really embarrassing one, Judges

262 for Abrahamson and only 7 for Koschnick

If he does decide to put pen to paper about the last few months, I'd like to offer a possible title: "101 Ways to Get Rejected" by Randy Koschnick.

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