Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rose Doing Her Best Scott Walker Impression

Last night the two candidates running for Department of Public Instruction participated in a We the People debate. In one of the more interesting moments, Rose Fernandez tried out her best Scott Walker impression. The priceless moment came when the candidates were asked if they would accept the federal stimulus money that has been designated for education in Wisconsin. Dr. Tony Evers welcomed the chance to pump $800 million dollars into our state's schools, rightfully commenting that "educators are the lever that can turn our economy around." Rose Fernandez on the other hand took what should have been a softball and turned it into a strike out. Fernandez waffled as to whether she would accept the unprecedented federal investment in Wisconsin education and Wisconsin students. Quite an odd thing for someone that wants to run the Department of Public Instruction. Although it is not a surprise.

Apparently Rose Fernandez has spent too much time with Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker at all of those partisan events all over the state. Who can forget Walker's infamous refusal to bring home our own federal tax investment to meet the many needs of our own county? He may have pleased the hardest of the right wing primary voters, but he was broadly panned across most other lines. Apparently Rose doesn't want to offend her base of support on the far far right, so she waffled on an $800 million question.

It's not a good sign when someone with zero qualifications and a questionable administrative history, follows it up with turning down an $800 million federal investment in the students of Wisconsin. It is even worse when that is a candidate for the Department of Public Instruction. I know that they probably spent a good deal of time together at these hyper-partisan events, but the last thing that anyone needs to do right now is imitate the Walking failure from Wauwatosa.

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Anonymous said...

How is it that liberals can lie and get away with it? In your article, you say that Rose Fernandez refused the stimulus funds, but nowhere in the debate did she state it. She said she would address it with caution because it was a one-time fund disbursement.

You guys have nothing on Rose, but it's fun to watch you squirm.

Cory Liebmann said...

When someone asks you if you will take $800 million for education in say YES!

Instead she did an $800 million waffle. period.

Publius said...

Where does the next $800 million come from for the next biennial budget?

The fact is, most of the money headed to Wisconsin is for programs, not capital costs, so it doesn't suffice to say that the one time money would be for one time expenditures.

Fernandez is dead right on being cautious with the federal stimulus dollars. It is Evers' enablers that are being downright reckless assuming that this manna from Heaven will continue to fall.

Liberal greed and sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

And where willo the next $800 Mill come from?

No answer for that?

Wisconsin and the country is tapped out you fool.

Cory Liebmann said...

So what if it is a one time thing? It is $800 million that we can invest in education in Wisconsin! What is the big mystery about taking it? It is going to be used by someone, why not let Wisconsin taxpayers get a return on their federal investment?

I don't think that anyone said that this money will solve all of our issues forever, but there is no reason to waffle about investing it in our kids' education.

Liberal greed? Give me a break, could you be any more dramatic?

Cory Liebmann said...

What Anon? Didn't I reply quick enough? Do you really think that I'm just sitting here waiting for people to comment on my blog?

And please offer more to the discussion next time besides calling names.