Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Right of Comrades Folkbum and Capper

Jay at Folkbum’s Rambles and Rants posted the results of two political quizzes today. I’m sure that he did this on purpose, knowing full well that I can’t resist this sort of thing.

The first is “the Progressive quiz” sponsored by The Center for American Progress. It argues that the country is increasingly getting more progressive, a point with which I totally agree. It states that the average American scores about 209.5 on a progressive scale which tops out at 400. Jay reports that he scored an “extremely progressive” 342 while Capper tells me that he scored 340. I didn’t realize that I was so “right wing” as I came in at 234!

In the same blog posting, Jay also posts his “Political Compass” placement. Again, mine is just a hair more “Authoritarian” and just a touch more to the “Right.” I hope that my comrades on the left don’t start taking me off of their blog rolls for this showing!

1 comment:

Zach W. said...

We won't hold your scores against you, so long as you continue to toe the party line!