Friday, March 13, 2009

What MacIver Forgot to Mention Today

Today the latest right wing organization, the MacIver Institute, finally named a leader. In a press release they announced that on April 1 Brett Healy will take charge of the organization and apparently replace the invisible staff with actual people. In the press release, they list some of Healy's past work but conveniently fail to mention a rather famous portion. Among other things, Brett Healy is perhaps best known for serving as former Republican Rep. Scott Jensen's Chief of Staff. He didn't just serve in that capacity but served at the same time that Jensen was brought up on criminal charges. Looking at any of the coverage of Scott Jensen's first trial, you are very likely to see Brett Healy's name mentioned.

I'm not really sure who is writing the press releases for MacIver anymore, but if it is still Scott Jensen, it is unfortunate that he "forgot" to mention the part of Healy's career that involved working for him.


Anonymous said...

looking for your posts regarding Scot Ross and his shady past....


Quit the hate Cory.

Cory Liebmann said...

MacIver has been trying to minimize the role of Jensen in their organization from the beginning. And at each turn we find more connections to him. That is the reoccuring theme that is being hilighted here.

Brett Healy is announced and they "forget" to mention what was probably his most prominent job? Why? This just fits into their pattern of trying to distance themselves from Jensen (at least publicly).

The only people hating here are the invisible folks that are running MacIver, they're apparently hating the fact that Jensen is so involved. That is what I'm drawing attention to here.