Thursday, March 26, 2009

“Young Gun” with the Same Old Dogma

Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlighted Congressman Paul Ryan again. That paper loves them some youngish Republicans! The story focuses on a program within the GOP called "Young Guns". By including Paul Ryan, apparently the only criteria is his age as it is compared to the average age in Congress. Being part of this club has very little to do with anything new like – say, fresh ideas.

Paul Ryan is a perfect example. Although he may be younger than most in Congress, he still has spent his time there following the GOP leaders right off the cliff that was the last two election cycles. He was a faithful rubber stamp for George W. Bush and I can't think of even one example of him doing anything other than towing the party line…the same OLD party line.

Now Paul Ryan has positioned himself as part of the obstructionist posse in Congress opposing everything and offering little to no real ideas. Despite the fact that his blind support of Bush helped put us in this current economic mess, he still relies on the same old talking points. Tax cuts for the rich will solve everything, zero regulation on big biz and anything from the government is bad. Pardon me, but I think that I have heard those talking points someplace before - like for the last 20 years!

So Paul Ryan being in a new club called the "Young Guns" may qualify as front page news in some papers, but it doesn't mean much when he still relies on all of the same old dogma.

UPDATE I: Now Read "Young Gun Unloaded by Pretend Budget".

UPDATE II: Have a laugh by watching "The Number 0, Brought to you by..."


Anonymous said...

Little Pauly is going to write an entire two-year US Budget all by himself.

Isn't that special.

Red Guy in a Blue State said...

Yeah, let's talk rubber stamps... What about Obama's Congress and its $11 Trillion (and still counting) with only hours to look through a GIANT spending bill before it gets rammed through.
We have on obstructionist posse just now? Are you serious? What about "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" when Dems were complaining about George W. Bush even looking the wrong way for 5 seconds? How about Democrats during George W. Bush's presidency? Fillibuster, fillibuster, take FOREVER confirming Supreme Court Justices. (Clinton's nominees moved through a Republican Congress without much trouble.)

It's funny how Democrats complain about the same things their party was doing just a few months ago... like raising the National Debt to ridiculous levels and sending 17,000 troops to war (plus 4,000 more to follow).

Cory Liebmann said...

Raising the national debt? Were you awake during the Bush administration? Were you complaining about our debt then? and most of the bush spending was for tax cuts for the wealthy and a war of choice in iraq. at least our current prez is investing in the greater good such as our infastructure, education, energy, technology etc.

8 years of gop rule left us with the worst economy since the great depression. bush and the gopers have handed Obama a crap sandwich and he is doing the best that he can with what he has been given.

as far as Obama sending more troops to Afganistan...that is another example of him having to clean up a gop mess. Bush forgot about the real front in the "war on terror" and took us into the wrong country.

the gop is just as much of a trainwreck as a minority party as they were when they were in charge...thank god at least they can't do as much damage now.