Friday, March 06, 2009

Wasting Time or Helping People?

This weekend the right wing will be having their self admiration society meeting. Living in the City of Milwaukee, I’m a little concerned about all of the toxins that will be emitted into the air as they whip themselves into a right wing frenzy all day. Many of the people that will be cheerleading at the event are public or would-be public officials. While these people will be wasting time swapping tinfoil hats and neglecting real solutions, some officials will actually be doing their jobs this weekend.

One example of that is State Senator Jim Sullivan. While the right wing constellation of madness will be on full display, Senator Sullivan will be meeting with everyday people, struggling with an economy that was brought about by too many years of right wing rule. On Saturday at 11am he will be meeting with folks at the West Allis City Hall. The event is billed as an informational session for dislocated workers.

The event is actually hosted by the Department of Workforce Development. Their representatives along with the Milwaukee HIRE Center will be available to give information and answer questions. Regarding this event Senator Sullivan has said, “We want to make sure that anyone who has been affected knows they are not alone, and that the state has resources that can help them push past a pink slip and remain strong in today’s job market.”

While all-too-many public officials will be wasting time this Saturday, Senator Sullivan, the Department of Workforce Development and representatives of the Milwaukee HIRE Center will be busy helping real people.

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