Monday, April 06, 2009

Hostile Koschnick Wants it Both Ways

Over the weekend, I just commented that Randy Koschnick must feel desperate because he seems to be throwing everything against the wall to see if anything will stick. The item that I focused on in the blog posting on Saturday was him trotting out the favorite right-wing boogie man – gay people. I barely got the scare-by-gay blog posting up and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dutifully reported their latest in what has become a daily series of running Koschnick talking points as headlines. In the Sunday piece Walters actually runs a headline that is referring to some Koschnick comment from a prior week. And that is new now because…you may have been on vacation when it was first said?

In any case, the week late reporting reveals yet another hot button right-wing favorite that Koschnick is tossing against the wall – someone's gonna take your guns! I'm not sure what is worse on the far right, the paranoia about gay people or the paranoia that someone is coming to take away your hunting rifle. The Koschnick argument in Sunday's story attacked the Chief because he felt that she should have helped rewrite the concealed carry law. Aside from getting nearly all of the facts wrong, isn't this the opposite of what Koschnick has been saying this whole time? Hasn't he been bemoaning the idea of what he calls "legislating from the bench"? How doesn't the rewriting of this law qualify as "legislating" if we are using his own erroneous definition?

This is not just another example of Randy Koschnick throwing things against the wall, but it is also an example of his repeated double standards. Here are just a few of the other examples that we have endured:

  1. Accusing the Chief of being "hostile to law enforcement" for taking on some of the most complex legal issues, when as a defense attorney he made some legal arguments himself that would qualify as "hostile" using his own absurd definition.
  2. Refusing to sign a third party "clean campaign pledge" but instead creating his own and then complaining that his opponent wouldn't sign it. Naturally he went on to break even his own pledge.
  3. Complaining about contributions to his opponent from attorneys, even though it only represented 3 percent of the total, while he also received contributions from attorneys representing 13 percent of his 1999 campaign total.
  4. Saying that he supports free speech even if it is "messy" and then trying to get a third party ad pulled off the air because he disagrees with it.

A few things are very clear about Randy Koschnick as the campaign comes to an end…he is increasingly hostile, he seems increasingly desperate, and he is increasingly invoking double standards.

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