Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thank Goodness Rose Isn’t In Charge Right Now!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the first disbursement of stimulus funds for Wisconsin education is ready. It amounts to a $365 million investment in our students and it is only the first of several. About $147 million of this first amount will be used for low-income students all across our state and $218 million will be used to help with funding special education programs. These additional funds are going to mean a great deal to school districts and students all across the State of Wisconsin. They could also prove to be a savings to property taxpayers all over Wisconsin. Thank goodness Rose Fernandez is not in charge right now! We all know how she waffled on whether she would even accept the stimulus money. We don't have time for waffling and the twiddling of thumbs when there are real investments to make in the education of our children.

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