Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Paul Ryan’s April Fool’s Day Joke

First the GOP's "young gun" was unloaded by a pretend budget last week. Now he is trying a do-over on April Fool's Day. Today Paul Ryan presented the Republican's alternative budget and it turns out to be a bigger joke than the one without the numbers. Unfortunately it is a cruel joke on the American people because most of it is the same old stale stuff that helped get us into this economic crisis in the first place. Naturally, the centerpiece is Bush-style tax cuts for the rich.

Perhaps the biggest punch line of Paul Ryan's stand-up routine today was him trying to pretend to care about spending and deficits and the like. This is the same Paul Ryan that, for his first eight years in Congress, voted in favor of every single federal budget - joining the then-Republican majority in increasing the federal budget by more $1 trillion. Now he suddenly cares about spending? Yeah, tell me another one.

UPDATE: Not only is the Republican budget a joke but so is Ryan's pretty graph.

UPDATE 2: Another story about Ryan misapplying Bush era numbers to his fake budget projections chart.

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