Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it Now or Never for Walker and Friends?

Capper at Cognitive Dissidence is asking a few very interesting questions about this waste-of-time Doyle recall effort. As usual, he makes many interesting points, but a few of them really stood out to me. Is this recall hype really about Doyle or is it mostly a desperate attempt to prop up Scott Walker on his endless quest for higher office?

Capper points to a Monday blog by some person representing another right wing front group called Wisconsin Interests Now (WIN). Apparently this group is working with the Walkerites over at Citizen's for Republican Government. The WIN person blogging Monday made several comments that are very interesting. Part of the reason that he gives for trying the recall has little to do with Doyle and everything to do with Scott Walker. One of the stated reasons for the recall is to keep the rumored Mark Neumann from even getting his operation running in time to properly run against Walker. So these folks are admitting that a big part of this recall effort is about political maneuvering and avoiding a Republican primary? The insecurity of the withering Walker crowd is truly amazing.

I'm not surprised that there are serious divisions on the right because that much has been clear for some time. There is what I might call the Tommy wing which includes all of his former aides, some of the older school conservatives and WMC types and then there is the crazed wing that includes Walker, Talk Radio, most bloggers and front groups like those organizing the recall attempt. The later group seems much more extreme and has a big focus on hot button social issues. From my view some of these divisions seemed to pop up most recently in the primary for the DPI race (Van Mobley vs. Rose Fernandez). It seems like the more extreme elements are clearly behind Walker while the Tommy/WMC crowd is trying to recruit anyone but the Walking Loser from Wauwatosa. If Monday's blog is any indication, this waste-of-time recall effort seems to be just another chapter in one conservative wing trying to outflank the other.

Another good point raised by Capper is whether the Walker followers know that it is now or never for him. It seems that they envision a recall vote which would take place before Walker has to face another Milwaukee County Budget. Walker keeps getting more unpopular in Milwaukee County with each passing budget and as he continues to make everything in Milwaukee County much worse. One more year equals one more bad budget and less support for Walker in what theoretically should be his base.

All of this recall rubbish has virtually no chance of ever happening but you can't blame the wacky Walker wing for trying. For them Walker's perpetual quest is quickly becoming a "now or never" situation, even if they have to eat their own in the process.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you guys realize how silly it sounds to refer to each others sites as if they are respectable sources of information. It's pretty much just the three of you, which makes it even more embarrassing at that.

By the way, congrats on making the list of notable Wisconsin sites. That's actually pretty cool.

capper said...


I'm able to back up my claims. Can you disprove them? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...


Okay, cool, but I don't see a lot of that on your blog.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that blogging is a little different than professional journalism, i.e., you are not held to the same standards, but the three of you have a propensity to make outlandish claims that aren't supported by the links or references you provide.

For instance, you provide evidence that Walker has made some mistakes as a County Executive, but the title of your piece states that Walker would have been fired if he worked in the private sector.

Your sensationalistic titles and some of your assertions are just too bold to back up, and I don't care what type of mad skills you may have as a researcher. When you do things like this, people tend to read your stuff with a sense of less credibility.

capper said...

I can appreciate where you are coming from. But in my defense, I have been writing about Walker's malfeasance and/or ineptitude for a long, long time.

If I went back to provide all the links to every pertinent posts, the reader would be overwhelmed and just tend to skip past them anyway. (I know, I've tried it before)

My suggestion would be just to follow this link which will give you everything, but I will advise you that there is a lot.