Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scott Jensen Finally Gets His Man!

The right wing sugar daddies must have a ton of money to burn! It seems that they are creating a new right wing organization every year. Last year it was the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership (WIL), which was apparently mothballed after its Executive Director, Brian Fraley, left to run the Rose Fernandez campaign. Apparently WIL is gone for good because now the most recent org announced that it is making Fraley its director of communications. With the way that MacIver stumbled out of the gate in the first few weeks, they could certainly use someone in that position! Who can forget the rushed press release announcing their existence, or the lack of real content on their site or their oddly invisible staff? The one thing that MacIver wont be able to shake so easily with this new hire, are the continual questions about the real role of Scott Jensen.

Before MacIver's "official" launch it had long been rumored that Scott Jensen was either behind the starting of the organization or was going to be its leader. After MacIver got off to a less than flattering start, one of their invisible employees downplayed the actual role of Jensen. Only days after those comments, we found that Scott Jensen appeared to be writing the press releases for MacIver. As if they needed more Jensen ties, MacIver then hired Jensen's former chief of staff as the executive director. Now MacIver has hired a communications director whose biggest fan seems to be…Scott Jensen.

While reporting in 2006 on the caucus scandal, Wispolitics mentioned a correspondence that was displayed in court at the time. It detailed a discussion about who should be hired for a specific ARC job. Some of the GOP players wanted to hire a former Frank Lasee staffer, but Scott Jensen thought that Brian Fraley was the better choice. Wispolitics quoted Jensen as saying that Fraley should get the job because "he was known as a great campaigner and would benefit the team." Sadly Jensen did not get his way at that time, as the Lasee staffer ended up getting the job. But I'm sure that Scott Jensen is thrilled now, because an organization with so many of his fingerprints on it, has finally picked his man!


capper said...

The smart money says that they will also sign on Walker after he quits the primary. I am predicting June 2010

Cory Liebmann said...

i'm guessing that many of the folks behind maciver are neumann supporters...so maybe they would give him a job just to get him outta the way...but doing what? trashing the place?