Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet the New GOP


Anonymous said...

The only reason why Cheney is criticizing Obama is because Obama likes to take a crap on Bush every time he gets the chance. If it weren't for that dope in office releasing and publishing interrogation methods used by the CIA in order to trash a president that has kept us safe for the past 8 years, you wouldn't see Cheney on Fox News.

Also, I don't see Ryan and Jindal presented as the faces of the new GOP, but then again, honesty wouldn't have made a good youtube, not to mention a good political policy for democrats in general.

Cory Liebmann said...

Bush and Company took a crap on the country and President Obama is stuck trying to clean it up.

"Interrogation methods" my arse...they illegally tortured people and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law...or don't you believe in being "tough on crime" when a GOPer is doing it?

Ryan isn't offering anything "new"...same old talking points as the old guard in the ad. Jindal is a joke and the party leaders know it...that is why he hasn't been trotted out since he embarassed himself on national tv.

Anonymous said...


I think we both can agree that it's the job of a presidential administration to move forward, not to judge the past administration - one that has kept us safe from terrorist attacks for 8 years.

I believe that it's our government's job to do what it takes to keep us safe from terrorist attacks.

I also think it's awfully easy for a guy like you to opine about interrogation methods as illegal torture from behind the comfort of your own keyboard, but if your family was stripped from you and taken hostage by a terrorist, I highly doubt you would have problems with the government waterboarding someone in order to locate your family and keep them from certain harm.

Btw, most of these interrogation techniques are better described as discomfort, not torture. And the entire point of releasing this information was for political purposes. It does nobody any good to know what our CIA specialists are doing to keep us safe, and it certainly is of no benefit to us that terrorist now have access to our interrogation methodology.

Obama is a dope, and he is using issues of national security to throw a bone to the international community that could give two craps about us anyway.

Cory Liebmann said...

I hate to tell you this, but 911 happened on Bush's watch...even though he was warned repeatedly and even with a daily brief entitled, "Bin Laden determined to attack in U.S" he did nothing until after it happened. Then he used it as an excuse to attack the wrong country and cost thousands of troops lives. Kept us safe? Terrorism actually increased all over the world after he went into Iraq.

Everyone already knew the Bush admin was torturing people and how they were doing they haven't learned anything new. Besides it is illegal and the U.S. does not torture! At least not now, thank God.

It doesn't matter how I would emotionally react to a terrible situation...our laws are not guided by my emotions. What ever happend to conservatives fondness for the "rule of law"?

You can call the president names all you want, but it says more about you than it does about him.