Friday, January 29, 2010

A Delusional Come-to-Tommy Moment

If it were not already clear that the right wing is not satisfied with U.S. Senate candidate's Terrence Wall and David Westlake, it certainly is now. Not only does Charlie Sykes, a recovering Tommy-hater, want Thompson to get in the race, but he and others on the right wing are all giddy over a questionable poll. The poll from Rasmussen, which doesn't have a great record for accuracy in Wisconsin, tells us that Tommy Thompson's numbers are slightly ahead of those for U.S. Senator Russ Feingold. This latest grasp by the right wing seems to only underscore their obvious desperation in this race.

Given the past comments by Sykes and right wing bloggers regarding Tommy Thompson, it is really remarkable that some of them would be completely seduced by Tommy's latest "will-he-wont-he dance". Their jumping up and down over a poll by a questionable firm is just the latest example of their desperation. Try to think about this logically, for a moment. Would you really rather be up 4 points in a questionable poll with a candidate that isn't even running or would you rather be up $3.65 million to ZERO against a candidate who isn't running? I ask this because just yesterday the Feingold Campaign announced that it has $3.65 million cash on hand and without a real candidate challenging him. Do you really think that this is the time to jump around in excitement over a poll that you can't trust regarding a candidate that you hate, that has raised no money and isn't even in the race? Really?

I thought it was strange that these full blown Tommy-haters were now begging him to get in the race in the first place. But their obvious desperation has officially moved into full blown delusion. One might call this phenomenon a come-to-Tommy moment for the extreme right wing. Sadly, after the seductive "will-he-won't-he dance" is over, they will likely be left disappointed and go right back to their Tommy-hating ways.


Anonymous said...

Well, OK.

But you think Thompson couldn't raise a ton of money with a wave of his hand? That $3 million to none gap would tighten very quickly, and TT (for good and bad) already has very high name recognition among likely voters.

And the right wing doesn't love Thompson? Yes, at some level, it's a little ironic, but irrelevant. He's much more to their liking than Feingold... or they can just sit this one out and wait another six years for Mr. Right (pun intended), whoever that might be, to show up as a candidate.

Good try, though. There weren't many mis-spellings or punctuation errors in your post.

Anonymous said...

One word: MA

Cory Liebmann said...

yeah, yeah, yeah...go ahead and assume that a win in MA means a win everywhere else. Pretending that you know what will happen in Wisconsin 10 months from now based on a special election in MA is pure folly...but help yourself to it. I've got a newsflash for you...Russ Feingold is certainly no Martha Coakley.

Anonymous said...

Tommy could make it a race, but I really want welfare-queen millionaire to be running against Senator Feingold.

Democrats need to make it clear to voters what it costs them when they vote for GOP candidates and TWall is a great example of the corruption of the system and those who benefit from that corruption.