Thursday, January 07, 2010

I’ll Pay it When I Run for Office Next

It appears that Libertarian Republican candidate for state Senate Ed Thompson has decided to get himself off the Monroe County delinquent taxes list as he runs again for a larger spotlight. The Tomah Journal reported several days ago about a list of property tax delinquents in Monroe County. According to the report, Ed Thompson rushed in to pay the $31,000 in taxes and interest covering both his residential home and his supper club business.

Thompson blamed his very large delinquency on the impact of the recession but that large amount of money seems like it stretches back pretty far. A person commenting on the online version of the Journal's story, claims that this is a pattern for Thompson. They suggest that when he decided to run for Tomah mayor last time, that he similarly rushed in to pay delinquent property taxes. According to Monroe County records, there appears that there may be some accuracy to that observation.

  • Ed decided to run for mayor of Tomah again in 2008.
  • On 1/16/2008 he appears to have paid $4,703.63 toward the 2006 property tax bill for his supper club.

It is certainly true that it doesn't take much to make life difficult for regular folks and small business owners. But I must say that $31,000 is quite a large number. Perhaps even more concerning is what appears to be a pattern in this situation. Based on appearances and the available information, it seems that Ed may have adopted a policy of "I'll pay it when I run for office next." That may have worked for him so far, but I can't believe that the hard working people of the 31st Senate District would admire such a strategy.


Publius said...

Someone should launch an ethics investigation... I mean, I can't believe that any politician or appointee would dodge the tax laws.

If Ed owes, he should pay. He should also be afforded the same level of dismissal from pundits such as yourself as Tim Geithner or Tom Daschle or Charlie Rangel.

You guys really do live in glass houses, don't you?

Now go ahead, rationalize away...

Cory Liebmann said...

if they owe, they should pay too...i don't remember "rationalizing" the situation of the people that you just named. Actually it annoys me when people of such means can't manage to take care of such things properly.

That being said, my main focus on this blog is Wisconsin and none of the people that you named are Wisconsin politicians.

Falling behind, making mistakes, or falling on harder times should not eliminate someone from elected office...but the large amount in Ed's case and the apparent pattern of paying just before a run for office should at least be noted.

Democurmudgeon said...

Publius's comment was meant to deflect any criticism from his fellow conservative blame-gamers.

Flipping it around, I guess Publius shouldn't be the one throwing stones either.

Cory's point is well made, documenting Thompson's record of making payments before he runs for office. It's not only suspicious, but should be a campaign this state. Not just noted, but an sticking point.

It also appears Thompson doesn't know how to run a PROFITABLE business. And if he is behind, where is he coming up the late payment cash?

Gee, if only businesses didn't have to pay any taxes like everyone else.

Jim said...

As a resident of the 31st SD, I'm excited about this race. Thompson is quite the character. Sen. Vinehout has my full support, but the student of politics in me is looking forward to the show.