Monday, January 04, 2010

Why Isn’t Mark Neumann Doing His Homework?

Many observers have completely dismissed Mark Neumann's chances of overtaking Scott Walker in the Republican primary for governor. Personally, I have not completely closed that door because of really only one factor - Neumann's pocketbook. That being said, Neumann has not looked like a contending candidate in his race against Scott Walker. Sorry, I just don't see any sign of the killer instinct that would be necessary to overcome someone that has been running for governor for 7 years.

There are several reasons to question Neumann's campaign so far, but I recently discovered a new one. Why isn't Mark Neumann doing even some introductory homework on his primary opponent? Recently, I had occasion to look at open records requests that were sent to Scott Walker's office in 2009. As far as I could tell, none of them came from Neumann, his campaign operatives, or any other professional that he may have hired. Call me crazy, but if your opponent is a government official, shouldn't you have at least sought some kind of public record from his office by now?

Neumann wouldn't have to look very far to find all sorts of things to use against Walker, even from a "conservative" perspective. So is Neumann's heart not really in this? Is he getting bad advice? Is he banking on a massive (and apparently uninformed) spending spree? Whatever the reason, one thing seems clear to me, Mark Neumann isn't doing his homework…and that is an odd thing for a former teacher.


capper said...

Why should he file any requests when there are people like us doing all of his dirty work?

Cory Liebmann said...

he should be reading our stuff and taking extensive notes...but i don't think that should stop him from doing his own due diligence.

in my opinion, if you are running a major statewide campaign and you are facing an opponent that has been in his current public office for 7 years, you should be doing at least basic open records requests. maybe it is just me, but i think it should be sop.

capper said...

I understand your position, and I don't disagree with you, but there is always the possibility that he already has done that, but it was missed, or he is got something else up his sleeve.

In the last couple of weeks, Walker as been Neumann's and Barrett's greatest ally in why Walker shouldn't be elected.

Anonymous said...

this is too much fun, you guys are right about Neumann, and more importantly about Walker. Have you ever considered that the best strategy for Neumann might be to let Walker be the frontrunner so that Barrett can take him out?
Also, Walker has so much factual evidence showing hypocrisy that not too much research is needed. It's just shocking that the Walker followers haven't done their homework and continue to believe the spin that he's cutting spending and holding the line on taxes...HE ISN'T!!