Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Critical Condition, Walker Should Beg for Reform

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker sent out a message on his Twitter account before the President gave his State of the Union address last night. In his latest substance-free tweet, Walker asks:

"Will the President dump Obamacare tonight? Other predictions?"

Given the critical state of Milwaukee County under Scott Walker's dreadful eight years, he should be open to just about anything that would change the dysfunctional status quo. The Public Policy Forum's recent report reveals many things about the administration of Milwaukee County, and none of them are good. One thing that is highlighted as a major problem is the ever escalating costs of health care. Milwaukee County has many areas of dysfunction and problems that are totally unique, but ever increasing health care costs are not among them. That has been a major problem for individuals, small and large businesses, and units of government on all levels. Gee, maybe that is why the President has been trying to lead on that issue at the expense of his own poll numbers. A concept that I don't expect someone like Walker to understand.

If the government that you are leading is being strangled by the health care industry, one would think that you would be fighting for reform rather than sniping on the sidelines with the latest bumper sticker slogan. But then again, I did say if you were "leading" and we all know that the only place that Scott Walker is willing to lead is (himself) to higher office. He is perfectly willing to leave Milwaukee County in a ditch if he thinks it will help him get one extra vote. If he really cared about the fact that he has left Milwaukee County in critical condition, he would be begging for health care reform right now, not feeding the obstruction of it.

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